I am Hugo LEROUX, I have been a student in computer development at the EPSI in Bordeaux for 3 years. I am passionate about new technologies, development and especially the GNU/Linux universe and free software. In June 2018 I obtained my professional title of level II "Designer Developer Computer Developer". Currently I am on an internship at Thales in Merignac as Workshop Support Administrator.

What is Alternanet ?

These services are free, free and respectful of the privacy of its users. All this is orchestrated by the free software Yunohost. These services work on a KS-6 from Kimsufi. It's free but you're not the product :)

Why Alternanet ?

Alternative + internet = Alternanet
I launched these services in order to make the alternatives accessible to all. These are the services that I use myself and that I offer free of charge to anyone who wishes to use them.

How to benefit from Alternanet services ?

Some services are available free of charge without registration, such as Jirafeau, ZeroBin or even Mastodon. For services that require an account, request an account here.

How to participate ?

As mentioned above, all services are offered free of charge and with no storage limits. I am the only one responsible for financing the server. If you wish to participate you can do so in several ways:

  • Saying thank you to me is easy, cheap and always makes you happy;)
  • Tell your friends or colleagues about Alternanet.
  • Set up your own Yunohost instance to further decentralize the web.
  • Make a donation
    • Bitcoin : 3KYKKX6ukiWh1ANd7USjVP7qTkdDnQK9oZ
    • Litecoin : LRX7wMXFWKpqLQcige9PmRqmS5xfR23ZhP